Kingdom Connection Leaders - Meet Brian Bryan

Meet Brian Bryan

Brian is the CEO/Founder of Combat Team Ministry & Combat Zone Karate Schools.
Brian has been in martial arts for over 49 years. His experience includes earning a 9th degree Black Belt in Tae kwon do, 5th degree Black Belt in Aikido, Golden Gloves Boxer, Thai Boxing training, combat knife and firearm training, 3-time state martial arts champion and personal bodyguard training along with SERE (survive, escape, resist, evade) training. Brian has been teaching martial arts and self-defense all over the world for over 40 years.
Through his outreach ministry efforts and business, Brian and his team have established martial arts schools in the United States and around the world. School locations include but are not limited to Tulsa, OK.; Springfield, MO; Marshfield, MO; Joplin, MO; Uganda; Ghana; Sudan; Belize; & Lebanon. Additionally, he has taught many self-defense courses for police, military, and civilians in the United States and across the globe.
The Combat Team's vision is to come alongside other ministries such as churches, schools, etc. to create these amazing schools where students can come to learn and train the whole person: mind, body. and spirit. At the schools and in outreach demonstrations, they seek to equip students to use their testimonies and martial arts skills to share the gospel to help win the nations for Christ Jesus. Through his leadership, The Combat Team will continue to disciple team leaders and students in learning how to use and understand the Bible while developing their individual relationship with the Lord. Brian desires to help others to have a personal relationship with God the Father through his son Jesus and that is demonstrated through the daily work he does in the Lord.
Brian has been married to Beverly Bryan for 13 years and has 6 children. He lives in Marshfield, MO.  
Beverly also helps Brian with teaching self-defense courses, but she has a desire to alert & teach women and children to the dangers of human trafficking & abuse and how to recognize it and sound information to help a person when confronted or in a hostile situation.

Brian served at the Kingdom Connection virtual event in August 2023 for our Leadership Session. It is our honor to introduce him to you!
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