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JUNE 2023

Speaker Demonstrators of Giftings

Phil Mershon

  • Entrepreneur
  • Author & Speaker
  • Musician
  • Worship Leader & Pastor
  • Event Experience Strategist
Connect and Learn more about Phil at
Support Phil as a Published Author

Dr. Juanita McDonald

  • Nonprofit Founder/CEO of RE-Discover ME
  • Corporate Trainer
  • Speaker & Consultant
  • Mental Health First Aider
  • Girl Circle Facilitator
Support Dr. Juanita's nonprofit at
Learn more about Dr. Juanita's services

Ryan Roy

  • Founder/CEO of FBI Dads Nonprofit
  • Coach & Mentor
  • Author
  • Speaker
  • Podcast Host
Connect with Ryan's nonprofit organization at
Ryan offered a Complimentary
Strategy Coaching Call
through the end of June 2023
Visit his website below:

Michelle McCoy

  • Whole Health Advocate
  • Mentor
  • Podcast Host
  • Holistic Health Coach
  • TV Broadcaster
Connect with Wholeness Coach Michelle at
Michelle offered a Complimentary
"Why The Face App" Session through the end of June 2023
Visit her services below:

Prayer and Worship Demonstrators of Giftings

Our Worship and Prayer Demonstrators of Giftings served all month long! You can catch their #replays on
Any of the dates for the month of June 2023.

Kathy Tschida

  • Children's Book Author
  • Worship Leader
  • Singer & Songwriter
  • Pianist 
  • Music Minister
Connect & Support Kathy's Music at
Kathy Tschida Music

Pastor Erica Morton

  • Founder of Touching Lives Worldwide Ministry
  • Business Owner
  • Executive Pastor
  • TV Broadcaster
  • Outreach Ministry Leader
Support Erica's small business at
These Creative Hands

JULY 2023

Speaker Demonstrators of Giftings

Mary "Selena Kay" Kennedy

  • Entrepreneur
  • Graphic Art Designer
  • Radio Show Host
  • Business Owner
  • Content Re-Creator
Support Mary
as a graphic design artist at
In His Image RockTruth Prints

David Weaver

  • Revitalize Kindness Show 
  • Youth Minister
  • Writer
  • Digital Community Leader
  • Kindness Advocate
Support David - Subscribe
Revitalize Kindness Podcast on Apple
Revitalize Kindness Podcast on Spotify

Jolena Delacruz

  • Prayer Leader
  • Mentor
  • Teacher
  • Podcast Creator Soon!
  • Ministry Leader
Connect with Jolena through email at
and Subscribe to her new podcast on Spotify

Maggie Kavanaugh

  • Cofounder of Moving Forward Ministries TN
  • TV Show Host
  • Broadcaster
  • Biblical Life Coach
  • Ministry Leader
Learn more and support Maggie's nonprofit movement at
Moving Forward Ministries TN

Demonstrators of Giftings for Preaching, Prayer & Worship

This month's Demonstrators of Giftings operating in prayer, worship, and preaching decided to split the dates in half this time. They worked together as a husband and wife team to meet this month's need for servant leaders!
Vishal covered Thursday & Friday and
Snehitha covered Monday & Tuesday!
You can catch their #replays on the speaker list above.

Vishal Metupally

  • Ministry Leader
  • Singer & Guitarist
  • Worship Leader
  • Preacher
  • Writer
Support Vishal by subscribing to his
Youtube Channel
Connect on

Snehitha Vishal

  • Prayer Leader
  • Teacher
  • Preacher
  • Mentor
  • Ministry Leader
Support Snehitha by subscribing to her
Youtube Channel
Connect on


Speaker Demonstrators of Giftings

Laura Padgett

  • Author
  • Speaker
  • Podcast Host of Livin' What You're Given
  • Praise Dancer
  • Blogger
Connect and Learn more about Laura at
Support Laura as a Published Author

Joe Dea

  • Pastor
  • Podcast Host of Buddy Walk With Jesus
  • Podcast Host of Kingdom On The Road
  • Digital Community Leader
Connect and Learn more about BWWJ
Support Joe - Subscribe
Kingdom on the Road
on Spotify
BuddyWalk With Jesus
on Spotify

Ashley Pyles

  • Co-Founder of Lion Tribe International Ministries
  • Transformational Faith Coach & Mentor
  • Speaker
  • Triathlete
Connect with Ashley's ministry organization at
Support her by subscribing to her Youtube channel

Brian Bryan

  • Nonprofit Founder of  The Combat Team
  • Preacher/Evangelist
  • Martial Artist
  • Teacher/Mentor
  • Apostolic/Sender
Learn more and support Brian's for profit and nonprofit movements at
The Combat Team


Speaker Demonstrators of Giftings

Janet Harllee

  • Podcast host of Faith In An Ever-Changing World-encouragement & hope
  • Digital Ministry Leader
  • Biblical Storyteller
  • TV Broadcaster
  • Speaker
Support Janet by subscribing to her YouTube channel
and connect with her on Facebook

Tim Winders

  • Author of Coach: A Story of Success Redefined
  • Podcast host of Seek Go Create
  • Business Executive Coach
  • Outreach Minister
  • Entrepreneur
Connect and learn more about Tim at

James Early

  • Podcast host of The Bible Speaks to You
  • Coach/Mentor
  • Event Speaker
  • Bible Teacher
Connect and learn more about James at

Diane Johnson

  • Founder of God Connections Encouragement Ministry
  • Digital Community Leader
  • Biblical Storyteller
  • Mentor/Teacher
  • Broadcaster
Connect and learn more about Diane at

Demonstrator of Pause and Praise through Prayer

This month's Demonstrator of Giftings operating in the pause to praise and pray to the Lord is Lucinda Brown Godbolt of Peculiarly Anointing Ministries.
You can catch her #replays on the speaker list above.

Lucinda Brown Godbolt

  • Prayer Leader
  • Church Elder
  • Mentor/Teacher
  • Digital Ministry Leader of Peculiarly Anointing Ministry
Support Lucinda by liking her digital ministry page on FB
Connect Below


Speaker Demonstrators of Giftings

Sherry Jones

  • Podcast Host of Sherry Speaks Life
  • Founder of Glory Carriers Women's Network
  • Author
  • Speaker
  • Life Coach
Connect and learn more about Sherry at
& Subscribe to her show

Chris Archuleta

  • Podcast cohost of Your Church Friends
  • Executive Pastor
  • Mentor
  • Digital Outreach Ministry Leader
Connect & learn more about Chris & his cohost at
Subscribe to the show on Apple or Spotify

Paul Ybarra

  • Founder of Kingdom Linked Network
  • Pastor
  • Coach/Mentor
  • Event Speaker
  • Author
Connect and learn more about Paul at
Purchase his book below

Jenn Dafoe-Turner

  • Educator
  • Life Coach
  • Author
  • Speaker
  • Digital Community Leader
Connect and learn more about Jenn at
support the publishing company

Worship Demonstrator of Giftings

This month's Demonstrator of Giftings operating in worship and ministry through music to the Lord is indie artist and worship leader, Charity Abbott.
You can catch her #replays on the speaker list above.

Charity Abbott

  • Worship Leader
  • Singer/Songwriter
  • Musician
  • Ministry Leader
Support Charity by subscribing to her Youtube Channel
Stream her music on Apple & Spotify

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