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One Accord Prayer Movement Leaders - Meet Erica L. Morton
by April Metzler on January 6th, 2024
Pastor Erica L. Morton is the founder of Touching Lives World-Wide an online ministry that is rooted and grounded in Prayer, Worship and the Word of God. Touching Lives World-Wide is an Apostolic & Prophetic ministry that is focused on sharing the love of Christ to the lost, broken, rejected and hurting souls of this world. Their mission is to encourage, inspire, enlighten and empower the believer...  Read More
One Accord Prayer Movement Leaders - Meet Tawanda Harris
by April Metzler on January 5th, 2024
Tawanda is a retired Chemical Officer from the United States Army. She holds a Master's Degree in Environmental Science. Post-retirement, she furthered her education with a Master's in Social Work expressing her desire to help relieve people's suffering, fight for social justice, and improve lives and communities. Today, Tawanda is not only an advocate for social change but “soul” change, as well....  Read More
One Accord Prayer Movement Leaders - Meet Sherry Jones
by April Metzler on January 4th, 2024
Sherry Jones is a certified Christian life coach, author, speaker, podcast host, andwomen’s ministry leader. She is passionate about helping women transform theirnegative thoughts and words into positive ones rooted in the Word of God. She believes speaking life is a lifestyle we must embrace.Sherry’s PUSH coaching program empowers women to speak life, push past mindset blocks, and show up as thei...  Read More
One Accord Prayer Movement Leaders - Meet Tina J. Pearson
by April Metzler on January 3rd, 2024
Tina is the owner and lead designer of T3 Creations and More, LLC. Her life's motto is Obedience leads to prosperity. Her goal is to help anyone she encounters to walk in obedience and do what God has called them to. She is also an author, coach, and educator. She has a Master's Degree in Mental Health and Wellness with a focus in Christian Ministry.Tina enjoys spending time with family, cooking, ...  Read More
One Accord Prayer Movement Leaders - Meet Michelle McCoy
by April Metzler on January 2nd, 2024
Michelle is a Board-Certified Holistic & Functional Health Coach, Certified Facial Analysis Practitioner and Host of the Treasured Wellness Christian Podcast.She energizes Christian professional women in midlife who are fighting low energy, belly fat and brain fog to reclaim their whole health with anti-inflammatory lifestyle changes and natural solutions using a Godly approach. Michelle has a dee...  Read More
One Accord Prayer Movement Leaders - Meet Carmen McClinton
by April Metzler on January 1st, 2024
Carmen J. McClinton is a native of Chester, South Carolina and is now a resident of York, South Carolina. Carmen has worked in education for over 24 years.  Working in this industry of education has given her an opportunity to be an encourager, a light to others, a giver of love to those who need love, and a cover to those in need of prayer.Carmen serves as the Administrative Assistant and Prayer ...  Read More
One Accord Prayer Movement Leaders - Meet Lucinda Brown-Godbolt
by April Metzler on December 31st, 2023
Elder Lucinda Godbolt is a beautiful, humble woman of God. She is a wife (married for 15+yrs), a mom to 3 grown young adults, and a "Gammie" to 4 smart & beautiful grands. She is also a sister, daughter, confidant, encourager, intercessor, and friend. Lucinda is the founder and visionary of many digital outreach ministries including: Peculiarly Anointing Ministry, Pause & Praise, Call2Pray, Kingdo...  Read More